Babb Photography is more than just one person with a camera, it's a truly family business.

Steve, Louise, Charlotte & Thomas - Team Babb

We're committed to providing the service for you, that we expect for ourselves. We work together to plan everything we do, and support each other. We're proud of our family, that's why we put our name on the company.



Meet the team
Steve - for now, the principle photographer in the family, but there's some stiff competition from his two "apprentices". Steve is passionate about photography, he just loves taking pictures and meeting people. From bikes to babies, weddings to products; if he has a camera in his hand then he's happy. And keep an eye out for his eyebrow tricks!
Louise - the beauty and the brains behind the scenes. Long suffering but always smiling, Louise keeps everything heading in the right direction. Lou's primary role is acting as wedding co-ordinator, managing the communications with our happy couples and sending out tips and useful links each month to help with the planning for the biggest day of your lives.
Charlotte - firmly believes that there is nothing in life that can't be improved by simply adding pink! And possibly sparkles. Charlotte adores working with young children, her natural empathy and good nature really brings out the best in the younger visitors to our studio. Charlotte also has an eye for nature photography, often found with her daddy, both watching the world through respective lenses.
Tom - the happiest, most honest, energetic force of nature you'll encounter. Tom lives life at 100mph, often combining cartwheels and cheeky grins to distract and relax the most self conscious of clients. Posing holds no fears for Tom and he will happily demonstrate a few "shapes" for you to throw, before regaling you with his latest achievements on Minecraft.
For events, Lou will support Steve on site, running the printers and checking everything is going smoothly.